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Well, these past few weeks have been mental to say the least. After the Whitsundays we went to Magnetic Island, which was a very picturesque island, albeit expensive, but in general was pretty good. Met up with our german buddy Timo, then made our way to Cairns where we bumped into the girls and harry again! Basically chilled out all week. NZ has been pretty good so far, started off in Auckland and watched the new harry potter in 3D at the IMAX, which was too epic. Visited cathedral cove, then made our way to Waitomo where we did the Black Abyss black water rafting, which was so intense, but so worth it! Abseiling, zipwires, rafting, all deep underground, so awesome. Had a look around rotorua, the town that smells of eggs and has steamy pools all over the place! In all truthfulness, it was a really nice town, shall be going back there on the 25th! The luge there was intense, taking a cable car up to the top fo the hill then racing down on these ridiculously basic plastic go kart things, must've reached about 40 mph at some points. Currently we're in Taupo, which is alright, but would've been much much better if the Tongariro crossing tours hadn't been cancelled! Also the weather is really bad for skydiving so missed out on the opportunity to do that aswell. Bad times eh. Fortunately this presents the opporunity to get some writing done! Oh and I almost forgot, somehow, that I went to Hobbiton! Probably the highlight of NZ actually! I had to sign a non-disclosure form as they're doing work there for The Hobbit, so I can't really say much about it or put any photos up, but suffice it to say there was plenty to see!

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The Whitsundays!

Approaching our giant inter-island flotation device, the Atlantic Clipper, hopes were high, as were the crew. I'm pretty sure these australians have something 'interesting' in the water to spice up their personality - if not it must be their convict history. Only joking. In all seriousness though, it was so much fun. The general social interaction between the crew and the 50-odd passengers was brilliant, much fun was had. The highlights were probably Whitehaven beach, which, as well as being awe-inspiringly beautiful, possesed the softest sand you'll ever experience in your life - you could brush your teeth with the stuff. Secondly the dolphins and the manta rays circling our boat provided hours of amazement, coupled with the already staggering impression left by the Whitsunday islands themselves, and the gorgeous tangerine glow from the sunset, commanded an indescribable peace that enveloped the ship. The night's activities were hilarious - dressing up and playing drinking games with our fellow backpackers, especially Harry's 'Goon Suicide', which involved him snorting a line of salt, squeexing lemon into his eyes and then promptly drowning himself in good, followed by passing out. Good times eh.

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East Coast Baby!

I feel i've neglected this blog somewhat over the past 3 weeks or so, partly due to the fact that i've been ill, but ultimately because it's been awesome. At no point have I felt like more of a backpacker; i swear the population of half of these places we visit consist of us tourist types alone. Where to begin...sydney was great - we met up with some friends that we met in asia, and byron bay was suitably impressive - the tell-tale gusts of copious potions of weed being smoked by majorly chilled out aussies were ever present. Byron Bay was brilliant, particularly a bar called Cheeky Monkeys. Here we got some ridiculous discounts on activities, as a result of our little UK wolfpack partaking in pub games. Fraser Island was pretty decent, driving around the sand dunes in 4WD vehicles and camping out amongst the dingoes, and now we're in Airlie Beach, possibly the most relaxing and luxurious place we've stayed! S'all good. Whitsundays cruise tomorrow!

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sunny 14 °C

The past 3 weeks have been truly amazing, I don't quite know how to explain them. Needless to say I have enjoyed myself thoroughly. Particular highlights include the boat trip around Halong Bay, even though we had a guide that only seemed to be able to tell us how the rocks looked like various farfetched animals/creatures/things. Also, the ice cream parlour "fanny's ice cream" was simply superb! Probably the best ice cream I have ever tasted.

Currently chilling in Perth Australia at our hostel - the lifestyle change came as quite a shock, having to buy food on a budget and being in dorms! Plus we experienced the cold for the first time in 3 weeks.

The apparent absence of things to do compared to SE asia was off-putting to being with, but it has given us the benefit of having some time to ourselves to chill out a bit! Oh and we watched The Hangover Part 2 today, HILARIOUS. Over and out.

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rain 28 °C

After our excellent experience in Siem Reap, I was unsure that anything else would even come close, but I was proved wrong. Sihanoukville was a beachy tourist paradise, with picturesque scenery, friendly locals, and excellent barbecued seafood! Plenty of clubs and bars, and we had a pool literally outside our room - epic. Apart from soaking up the sun and swimming in the sea, there wasn't really that much to do. We successfully consumed some dodgy food though, which caused a few problems with people but nothing serious.

We arrived in Ho Chi Minh city earlier today, and were greeted by a very westernized culture that was reminiscent of home, furthered by the excellent vanilla latte I was enticed by. Quote of the trip so far, by our tour guide Pok: "Don't expect too much..." - possibly the most used sentence so far. Funnily enough, the hotels steadily keep improving - this must be part of Pokk's tactics to manipulate our expectations. I'm not complaining though! We discovered to our dismay that Vietnam has banned facebook, a 2 week separation from our friends and fam. Looks like pics will have to wait until OZ!

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Hello Cambodia.

sunny 31 °C

We left the wonders of Bangkok to cross the border into Cambodia in the early hours of saturday morning, spending the majority of the day on the bus and at border check-ins. The monotonous journey paid off though - Cambodia is beautiful. Arriving in Siem Reap, we explored by tuk-tuk, enthralled by the beauty and the incredible difference to the lifestyle that we were accustomed to. Quite possibly the highlight of this trip so far, we spent the evening eating out in an outdoor gazebo style structure with a local family. The food was excellent, the family was great fun, especially the kids, who even invited their friends to join in! A surreal experience for sure.

Today was tiring to say the least! Greeting the sunrise over Angkor Wat at a bright and early 5:30am, we captured some stunning photographs and witnessed the beauty of the many temples in the area, returning at about 4pm. To think how much work would have been involved in making these structures, it amazes the mind to think they were made 2000 years ago. It took them 37 years to complete Angkor Wat! All in all a very successful day, with hopes high for Phonm Penh tomorrow. Unfortunately the internet here is ridiculously slow, so no photo albums yet. I have uploaded a few however, so enjoy this little taster. https://www.travellerspoint.com/gallery/users/tristannn/

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Destination number one - Bangkok

semi-overcast 30 °C

If you can look past the sickly waves of humidity, the 'interesting' smells scattered along the streets, and the repetitive offer of 'ping pong show?', Bangkok is a truly beautiful place to be. The difference between here and our home in England is striking, with the stray animals wandering, and the hive collective of tourists and advertisers filling khaosan street, all bringing an enlightening warmth to this friendly country. The bright lights and enthusiastic smiles, coupled with the culture, really develop a thriving interest for Thailand. Tomorrow we begin our tour of Cambodia/Vietnam, pictures should be along in the next week or two all being well!

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Great expectations

Hopes are running high as the departure date begins to come over the horizon, a mere ten days until I am propelled eastwards to a foreign land, thus initiating a surely life-changing experience. All things in need of preparation have been prepared; all we can do now is wait. Our first trip takes us to the throbbing city of life that is Bangkok, Thailand. Regrettably we shall only be experiencing this incredible city for just one day, as we embark on a tour taking us through the nations of Cambodia and Vietnam, soaking in the society, lifestyle and history of these fascinating countries. Personally I look forward to exploring the temples in angkor wat, and witnessing the 'killing fields' in Vietnam first hand. An experience this shall be.

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